Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vegan Conversions

To eliminate eggs entirely:

z  “Starch egg”: ½ tbsp tapioca or corn starch + ½ tbsp potato starch + a pinch baking powder + ¼ cup water + 1 tsp oil per egg (this works best with recipes calling for less than 3 eggs)
z  ¼ cup silken tofu (usually found in Tetra-Pak style, shelf-stable containers), pureed in a food processor or blender, per egg (works well in dense cakes, brownies and muffins, and when used in combination with other replacers in recipes calling for larger amounts of eggs)
z  ½ a large banana that has been thoroughly mashed (good in brownies or muffins, though taste will be affected)
z  2 tbsp ground flaxseed + 3-4 tbsp hot water (or liquid called for in the recipe) per egg (let sit 10 minutes before using)
z  1 tbsp ground chia (or Salba) seed + 3 tbsp water per egg (let sit 10 minutes before using)

To eliminate dairy entirely:
  • Replace the amount (of milk, cream, cheese, etc) called for with a soy- or rice-based substitute
    • Note: this will not work in the case of a pre-gelatinised starch product such as instant pudding. If the recipe calls for adding prepared pudding to a batter, water is a suitable substitute. Otherwise, a cook-and-serve pudding will have to be used.

  • Note that vegetarians and vegans do not eat gelatine (which is derived from the collagen inside animals' tendons and ligaments).
  • This means that any recipes calling for marshmallows, flavoured gelatine powder (Jell-O) and candies such as JuJubes and Gummies will not be able to be made without diet-approved substitutes.
  • Such substitutes include agar-agar or carrageenans (formed from an algae), or konnyaku (AKA konjac) (formed from a native Japanese tuber)
  • Vegans also do not eat honey, and some may stay away from sugar and certain alcohols due to their filtration methods

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Ann Jackson said...

Thank you so much for your conversions. I'm not a vegan, but I want to be more aware, eat better, and have a healthier planet.