Saturday, February 2, 2008


  • One serving of grain products is one slice of bread, ½ pita bread or ½ cup of - cooked pasta, rice or couscous.
  • When choosing grain products such as cereals, sandwich bread, buns and bagels, pizza bases and pasta, opt for those listing “whole-wheat” as the first ingredient. “Wheat flour” is not the same as “whole-wheat flour”.
  • The higher the fibre content of a grain product, the lower it’s GI (Glycemic Index) number. This means that a high-fibre product like oatmeal will cause less of a “blood sugar reaction” in your system than, say, a slice of white bread.
  • A typical “white” grain will give the body an instant boost of energy, but because of it’s fairly high GI number it will be quickly expended by the body and the system will “crash” – leading to feelings of exhaustion, headache and hunger.
  • Limit grain products high in fat, particularly those made with hydrogenated and trans fats such as cookies, crackers and other baked goods.

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